Saturday, August 13, 2005

Week in Review and More about Vegas Tees

I had a pretty good week with my highest total mileage since I started keeping track and a successful long run.

Aug 9, 2005 3.57
Aug 10, 2005 6
Aug 11, 2005 4
Aug 13, 2005 10.71

I was thinking we could get cotton tees printed up for the non-runners that were all one color and logo (I was think orange too Riona!) and then make up a stencil that runners could apply to the shirt they will run in. I could just mail the stencils to people and hand over the teeshirts on the Saturday before the run at Jeff's shindig, which I assume we'll all be attending? Whadiya think?


Brit said...

I think orange is the way to go...easy to see and a shout out to the Running chick...because I love her...

Scott in Washington said...

Let me re-phrase that; I thought we could get orange cotton tees printed up for the people who won't be running that day, and have stencils available for anyone who wants to add them to other shirts.

Riona said...

Sounds great!
What is Jeff's shindig?
Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog, btw!

Scott in Washington said...

No problem Riona!

Jeff is having a pasta feed for the RBF people at his sister's house in Vegas the day before the run. Should be fun to meet everybody there.