Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Smoky Hills

Went for a run today out of our valley and back and out on a short loop in the flat land. On the way out I was moving along, thud, thud, pant, bounce, thinking, "What is this strange feeling? I have no right to be this happy. It is ridiculous!" BOUNCE! BOUNCE! BOUNCE!

On the way back it was more, "Pant, pant, still, pant, happy..."

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm Baaack!

Today was my first real run since the whole hernia and surgery and it felt great. The ex-girlfriend and I dropped the kids off with my folks and ran down out of our valley and for a short 3 mile loop in the falling snow. We only saw one other person on the route and had some good together-with-no-kids time. I had nothing I'd qualify as pain, didn't get too tired, and felt my body continuing to wake up.

I've been thinking off and on lately about why I have a (mostly now defunct) running blog. It isn't that I think a diary of my training is all that interesting for other people ( I went running.... I got some new socks and then I went running again....). I think the point is that often when I run, especially when alone, I think of other runners I know. This helps me keep going. I think of them on their paths and I think, "I can do this. Its just a little farther." So, for any of you out there.. I'm here and I'm running again.