Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weight In

cool running weight chart
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Long time, no blogging... but target weight has been achieved, held more or less steady, and training continues.

There have been a lot of miles put on the running shoes since I last visited blog land. I’m glad to learn that everybody is still running strong. Pam and Jon continue to trade barbs and funny status titles on gmail. Jeff is rocking fatherhood. DREW isn’t hitting all the goals he sets for himself but he is still setting them. I don’t have to go anywhere near the Internet to know that a strong group of women are on track for the annual Turtledash Half. Like Scrubs but in real life, Danny is working a lot and still finding time to run like a gazelle, turning is sub-eight splits. Josh has a marathon in a couple of months and it sounds like he is currently leading an interesting life.

As for me; I dropped off the Hood to Coast team I was on for several reasons. Since then, though, I’ve actually been running and training more that before. Probably Pints to Pasta in Portland will be the next organized race I participate in. For now I’m just running for me and generally enjoying myself.