Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Not so spectacular in a good or bad way..

Running Totals of late:
Week of
7.27 |

11.77 |

16.27 |

20.77 |

25.27 |

29.77 |
Jul 31, 2006 14.28
Aug 7, 2006 10.83
Aug 14, 2006 25.28
Aug 21, 2006 7.27

Well, this coming Friday is race day. I’m starting to get excited. You know, my internal dialogue is something like this, “Do, do, do-do.. hmm, hmmm, OH @#$#@, RACE DAY! Hmm, hmm, potato chips, yes, I like potato chips…”

I’ve done the training. I’m injury free, and looking forward to it. According to the spreadsheet one of our team members worked up, based on the interval of my legs and the average paces reported by all team members, I should expect to run my first leg (6.95 miles) at about 3:40 in the afternoon. I’ll run my middle leg at about 2 AM and my last one at about 11:20 on Saturday morning. I’m the fourth runner in my van of six, so Jeremy and Lanny both run once more after me and then we head to Seaside for the finish line and to meet up with the fam. If all goes well, our last runner (Jay) should cross at about 7 PM. There will be a beer garden, pasta, and much merry making – nothing like combining exercise, food, and alcohol for good brain chemistry.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Leg 4

Leg 4
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"Gradual downhill from Rhododendron
along Highway 26 on paved shoulder."

I think I'll train for this one by running twice around the lake. This is 6.95 and two lakes is 7.14. The other two are shorter and easier. I will try to get used to running two lakes as often and as fast as I can, maybe even doing it before and after work.


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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Change in Plans

We had the first HTC team meeting tonight. We moved a few things around and now I have 4, 16 and 28 instead of 5, 17, and 29 which is good because I was really dreading 5. I'll be happy to run quicker, shorter, flatter legs my first year and maybe take on the more challenging ones later. Now I can quit training for hills, ugh!