Sunday, July 15, 2007


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Checking in with the blog I never post to anymore....

My running life is actually pretty good right now. I'm not following a plan or obsessing about miles or anything like that but I'm getting out there pretty regularly. I usually don't decide how many to do until my feet are actually in contact with the pavement. A long run these days is a nine. I hardly ever do less that five. This is exactly where I want to be - running reasonably strong but not obsessing about a plan.

Of course at the end of next month I'll be saying, "WHY WASN'T I ON A PLAN!" I have a feeling that the third run of the Hood 2 Coast is going to suck this much as it did last - suckage in that eery I haven't slept or eaten much in the past 36 hours and now I'm running up a hill in the 80 degree heat which is unpleasant at the time but makes for pretty good memories.

The graph associated with this post is good news I think. At my heaviest this past year, I got up to 220. The top end of optimal for me BMI-wise is 205. I've worked my way down to that and now, on the advice of my mother at dinner last night, have decided to try working down another five pounds. Like she says, its good to have a little in the bank, so to speak. This coming from a woman who has pretty much stopped adult onset diabetes with diet and lifestyle to the point where she is off medication.

Anyway, I hope where-ever you are, you're running healthy.