Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Post

Let me say first that I am posting to my running blog not by first choice but in hopes of ending the threats, cajoling, and pathetic pleading. It seems a certain girl who is soon to be from San Diego just can't live unless I do.

That being said, I'm working towards an ideal lifestyle. What do I mean by that? We're trying to downsize our life, live healthier, and concentrate on what is important. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings Brit puts the boys in the car and drives me to work. Our family is in training to become a one car family. After work I run home. This time together in the morning is actually pretty pleasant. Running home pleases me on so many levels - the exercise, the hour spent with my thoughts and the podcasts, commuting in way that doesn't involve the oil industry (except in the shoes and clothes). Tuesday and Thursday I drive myself and then go to the YMCA right after work where I meet my two year old for swim lessons. Mom goes for a run around the lake.

Like I said, this is an ideal. This is only week two in The Plan. I didn't run this Wednesday because I was still muscle-tired from Monday. Tonight was the first night T. didn't scream bloody murder in the showers before and after our lesson. Still, there are highlights as well - heading into the big hill into the middle of the run and knowing you have the energy to power through it where you didn't last time, or holding your son with one hand on his belly as he flops his arms and legs and glides towards the toy, saying, "Ball! Ball!"

I'm thinking water polo.