Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm Baaack!

Today was my first real run since the whole hernia and surgery and it felt great. The ex-girlfriend and I dropped the kids off with my folks and ran down out of our valley and for a short 3 mile loop in the falling snow. We only saw one other person on the route and had some good together-with-no-kids time. I had nothing I'd qualify as pain, didn't get too tired, and felt my body continuing to wake up.

I've been thinking off and on lately about why I have a (mostly now defunct) running blog. It isn't that I think a diary of my training is all that interesting for other people ( I went running.... I got some new socks and then I went running again....). I think the point is that often when I run, especially when alone, I think of other runners I know. This helps me keep going. I think of them on their paths and I think, "I can do this. Its just a little farther." So, for any of you out there.. I'm here and I'm running again.


jeff said...

this is great news!

oh, and i got new socks, too!

Brit said...

why he keeps calling me the ex girlfriend.....i'll never understand. *sigh*

-the wife

Juls said...

"the ex-GIRLFRIEND" and not "wife"? You'd better be running buddy. LOL.

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