Monday, June 08, 2009

Weekly Run Down

Monday: --
Tuesday: 3.57
Wednesday: 4.46
Thursday: 3.57
Friday: --
Saturday: 2
Sunday: 10

I realize this is almost the same mileage as the week before but it was such a different week. The week before a couple of my runs were pretty crappy, I was sore a lot and my long run was a trial. I really had to push myself not to walk. This week, all the short runs were fairly effortless and I didn't hurt at all. I finished the 10 miles and could have kept going but I know enough not to do that - stick to the plan and don't get hurt. I think my body is getting used to running five times a week. This coming week I'm adding a mile on Sunday and converting one of the 3.57s to a 4.46 but other than that am doing the same workout as last week - amazing how having a plan again makes me want to blog.

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Flatman said...


I am currently running with a Polar S625X. :)

I will at some point go back to GPS for tracking...