Thursday, June 04, 2009

Don't Call It a Come Back

I have been in a long, well, running slumber for some time now. I’d get out and jog a few times a week.. or less, with no goal and not much enjoyment. Then a few weeks ago, on our way back from running Bloomsday in Spokane, my wife and I were talking and decided to run the Seattle marathon this coming November – her the half and me the whole. Since then, the part of my brain that thinks racing has started to fire again. I have a goal. I’m eating better, sleeping more, and I’ve lost weight. I still have eight weeks before formally starting the Higdon plan that I’ve selected. In the mean time I’m retraining my body and brain to be used to running five times a week and slowly inching my weekly mileage and long run distances up;

Week Ending: Total:
May 3 7
May 10th 7
May 17th 14
May 24th 26.5
May 31st 19.95

I should have 23.6 this week with my long run breaking 10 for the first time.
I had been thinking I’d just run the Higdon plan, but with my long runs peaking earlier and staying higher than the plan calls for but on advice from Jeff I’m now thinking I’ll working in more interval and hill work. It’s good to be back.

This may be my first post of many as I take this training blog out of deep freeze or there may be a link here soon to a new blog. Stay tuned.


Juls said...

Jeff won't steer your wrong. Just believe in yourself. If he gives you a goal pace, you *will* hit it but it will be challenging.

Scott in Washington said...

Hey Juls!

As soon as Mobile Hip is back stateside, he is going to set me up over at breakingthetape, which I'm pretty excited about. For now I'm enjoying running for running's sake - not even tracking my pace, just piling on miles at a steady clip. Soon, though, I'm going to be looking for advice as I get more scientific about it.